Unlocking East Africa’s development potential through Science, Technology and Innovation

The Main objective of the Commission is to be the regional lead institution in the promotion and co-ordination of the development and application of science and technology for sustainable socio-economic development in EAC Partner States.

The specific objectives of the Commission are:

1) to promote the cooperation in the development of Science, Technology and Innovation policies;
2) to promote joint development and application of Science and technology for the Community, including :
    - joint Research and Development;
    - scientific and technological innovation and invention within the Partner States;
    - the development, adoption and utilization of information and communication technology, as well as the adoption of new and emerging technologies;
3) to promote the joint mobilization, utilization, management and development of resources, both material and human, for the development of science and technology in the Community;
4) to promote cooperation with organizations with similar objectives.